Gigameet is a cause-driven platform that promotes global human connections by making it easy to request and schedule 1-hour in-person or video conference meetings with people for business, social or entertainment purposes for a fee. A portion of the fee goes to support a chosen charity.

Monetizing Networking for social good
We’ve created social and financial incentives for meetings while replacing multi-step emails and the tedium of appointment scheduling with a simple and easy experience. Gigameet has the potential to raise billions for charity while empowering anyone to create value with 1 hour of their time.

How it works
• You set a price to attend a 1-Hour in-person or video conference meeting ($100-$50,000)
• You select a charity and % of the fee to be sent to the charity (20% minimum)
• Networker sends a meeting request after registering with their LinkedIn or Twitter account
• You get the meeting request via email, review person and reason for meeting before deciding to accept
• Gigameet coordinates meeting time and location and movement of funds after meeting
• No contact details (email or telephone) is ever shared

One hour could change everything.